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Custom Orders


Submitting Your Custom Design

Isla Transfers takes custom orders! If you would like to have underglaze transfers made from your own design please send an jpeg file of 300 dpi at 10" x 15" to Images must be submitted in Black and White format (no grey areas!) We recommend that you print a copy of you design first to assess it for scale. We will review your design, and contact you with a price quote based on the amount of colored area (ink used) in each print. Custom prints will be priced starting at $6.50.


The general setup fee for custom work is $35 per design. This fee covers the materials and equipment required to prepare a silkscreen with your image. Choose your ink color(s) from the choices below and tell us how many prints you want in each color. There is a minimum order of 6 prints per color.

Not sure how to use photo editing software to prepare your images for custom work? We always provide a quick consultation on images prior to going into production. If design work or editing must be done for us to prepare your image, we contract that work out to designers. This is a separate fee from the general set-up and our designers will contact you regarding pricing per job.  

Sample Order

For example, a custom order of 6 prints in black and 6 prints in red, of a design quoted at $7, would be priced accordingly:

$35 - Setup fee

$42 - 6 black prints quoted @ $7 each

$42 - 6 red prints quoted @ $7 each


$119 total

Orders of 18 sheets or more will receive a 10% discount on the cost of the prints.

If you would like to keep an open account, we can save the screen with your design for up to 6 months between orders. This would allow you to bypass the setup fee when ordering that design in the future. Prints after the first run will be priced as originally quoted, with a minimum order of 6 prints per color.

Ink Colors

Bright Red, Flame Orange, Bright Orange, Warm Green, Dark Green, Turquoise, Baby Blue, Medium Blue, Violet, Warm Grey, White, Jet Black

Turnaround Time

All custom orders are printed the first week of the month & expected to arrive by the third week of the month. New designs must be submitted ready for printing by the end of the month in order to meet custom design printing deadline.


Custom prints are a great way to incorporate Isla Transfers into your ceramic work while using your own unique style!