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Soto-Cordova Studios/ 285 Laughing Bird Hollow Rd.
Penland,North Carolina


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This project started as a spontaneous collaboration between friends. Our shared experiences while teaching on the island of Puerto Rico sparked the idea to join forces and create a line of transferable underglaze patterns to share the awesome technology of applying bold color onto clay via paper.

After many  prototypes we are excited to share this first generation of transfers with you. In essence they are hand-printed, multi-layered, serigraphic prints made with inks designed to release onto a leather-hard clay surface. The concept is simple but the applications are endless! We hope these prints will stir your creative juices and become great allies in developing unique ceramic surfaces.


Cristina  and Jason




Isla Transfers is:

Jason Bige Burnett


-For information regarding printing and transferring, please contact Jason

Cristina Cordova


-For information regarding slips, orders and shipments, please contact Cristina




Our little store is located at :

285 Laughing Bird Hollow Rd.

Bakersville (Penland), North Carolina

Drop in or call 828-467-1472 to make an appointment!